CityBeat Baltimore is a non-profit that aims to change the heartbeat of Baltimore by providing short-term and long-term resources to vulnerable populations, including: foster families, low income communities, the homeless, children, and sex trafficking victimsIt all started as a dream. Pastor Jared Michael was sitting in his office one afternoon, and happened to find a sermon online by Pastor Matthew Barnett, the founder of the Los Angeles Dream Center. Inspired by Pastor Matthew's heart to "find a hurt and heal it, find a need and fill it," Pastor Jared began to imagine a Dream Center right here in Baltimore - a beacon of light in a dark place that would help bring hope to people who had lost hope.

Founded in February 2015, CityBeat Baltimore has evolved into a thriving ministry that has provided short-term and long-term resources to individuals in neighborhoods across Baltimore. CityBeat puts on Adopt-A-Blocks in Baltimore communities every month, provides food and clothing to the homeless, has housed women recovering from addictions, partners with Home Depot to get resources out to individuals in the community who need them, provided book bags to children all across the city, and hosts volunteers from all across the country. God has been doing an amazing work so far, and we cannot wait for the years to come as we see God's Kingdom built right here in Baltimore. 

how we do it


meeting people where they are and caring for them unconditionally


plugging people into a community where their hearts can be healed and they can work through the wounds of their past


equipping people to walk into an abundant life where they can accomplish their God-given dreams