Prayer Room Vision

CityBeat values the Presence of God and desires to establish a community in which the fullness of His Presence consistently manifests in the lives, homes, schools, businesses, and cities of those who serve in this house. The Prayer Room is a place to gather morning, noon, and night to minister to the heart of God, to receive God’s love, to hear God’s voice and then decree, prophesy, and pray those realities into the earth.

A core value for CityBeat is the “In and Out Lifestyle.” After “coming in” to encounter Him in the place of worship and prayer, we “go out” to share the love of God with the world. This is an expression of loving the Lord with all our hearts and loving others as ourselves. “Coming In” refers to the habit of gathering with other believers throughout the week in the Prayer Room to corporately seek the LORD.

As we gather, worship is expressed through thanksgiving, praise, prayer, creativity and other means that focus our hearts on encountering Jesus. We believe that as we corporately worship and behold Him, we will be transformed by His Presence and more into His likeness. From this place of worship and transformation through hearing His voice, declaring His Word, and praying His heart, Heaven’s realities grow in our lives, circumstances, cities, and the nations.


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Tuesday Night

7:00 PM